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time promotional pricing: 33% off!

off the proven design of the Dangleberry 2.4 chain guide, (still for
sale at this link)
Dangleberry 3.1 is finally here! 

  • Simpler setup

  • 50% weight reduction from version

  • Reduced friction

  • Aluminum pulley

  • Biodegradable, extra hard PLA

  • The rib design of Dangleberry 2.4
    that grants nearly universal frame compatibility

  • Still made in the

greater reliability than ever before, knowing full well that you’re
supporting local business developments!

The Dangleberry 3.1 still
works the same way, blocking ripples generated by bumps that jostle
your chain and keeping them from knocking your chain off the front


  • 1x drivetrain setups. This means
    one cog in the front. 3x and 2x setups are not supported.

  • Bicycle chain stays have to run
    approximately parallel to the chainring (front gear) at some point
    within a few inches of the chainring.

  • 7-12 speed drivetrains with a rear
    derailleur only. If you have a front derailleur or multiple front
    gears, this is not compatible.

  • Not for any motorized application

  • Run on the bottom of the chain
    stay only.

  • A new chain is recommended. An
    excessively tight chain can put excessive tension on the rear
    derailleur and affect shifting. If a chain cannot be opened, it should be replaced as screw torque is carefully set.

  • A rider with a brain capable of
    reading instructions. 

  • 3.0: Original lightweight update. 3.1: New, reinforced but still lightweight version.


The plastic bodies are all black, but
you may have your choice of pulley colors. Please specify in your
order note (Subject to availability, default color is black.):

  • Black

  • Gold

  • Red

  • Purple 

  • Blue

  • Silver 


  1. Read the compatibility list
    above before purchasing.
    Seriously guys (and girls). Every bad
    review on the previous model was related to not reading. Read the
    one star reviews for version 2.4 if you want the experiences of
    people who don’t read. You don’t want to be that sad, do you? (Do
    feel free to contact me if you have real problems though! I WILL take care of you.)

  2. Purchase (yay!) and wait (no!)

  3. Find a region on your bicycle
    chain stay that runs close to parallel with the chain ring, within 4
    inches of it.

  4. Wrap the included tape around it.
    All of it. The tape protects your frame and gives something for the
    ribs and zip-ties to dig into.

  5. Loosely zip-tie the chain guide (flat side forward, as pictured) through the zip tie holes to the taped region of the chain stay.
    Loosely enough that you can still adjust the position, but not so
    loosely that it just flops around.

  6. Get the chain guide lined up with
    the front gear, then tighten those zip ties down. A good test to
    perform before tightening it up fully is to see if you can back
    pedal without knocking the chain off. Tweak the dangle-angle until
    everything lines up.

  7. Install your chain with it wrapped
    over the top of the chain guide cog. Shift through the whole range
    to ensure that everything is working correctly.

  8. Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: This product is
strictly for preventing impact or vibration related chain loss. It is
not a solution to, and may actually increase problems with an
improperly tuned drivetrain. This effect will be most pronounced if
your chain is excessively tight/short. Make sure your bicycle is
shifting correctly before installing. Also, please do not make adjustments to the screw torque. A nyloc nut is used to retain the screw, and adjustments are not necessary. Very little torque is required, this is normal.

DISCLAIMER: For installation by
a qualified mechanic. If anything in the instructions doesn’t make
sense to you, take it to someone else! Mechanics may cost money, but
peace of mind is priceless. Cycling is an inherently dangerous sport,
serious injury or even death may result due to failures in equipment
and lapses in rider judgement or attention. By purchasing this
product, you assume full responsibility for your safety. The seller,
manufacturer and designer of this product assumes no responsibility
for damage to self or property due to use or failure to use this
product, or any other reason. Inspect your bicycle regularly, and
always after hard use or accidents. If you are unable to perform this
inspection adequately, seek help from a professional.