4 great Reno Tahoe mountain bike trails to ride during Interbike 2018

mountain bike trails

mountain bike trails

A mountain biker takes a break by Marlette Lake in Nevada. Legislation in Congress could allow mountain biking in wilderness areas. (Photo: RGJ file)

Pointing people in the direction of awesome outdoor experiences around Reno and Lake Tahoe is among my favorite activities.

And thanks to Interbike 2018 coming to Reno, the biking world is going to be descending on our area and looking for places to ride.

Unfortunately, I’m scheduled to be out-of-town for the festivities. But before I depart, I’m leaving this list of four of my favorite places to ride in the Reno-Tahoe area.

Each of these single-track destinations are unique. They’re all fun and they’re all within an easy drive.

If you’re in town for Interbike, or even if you’re just in town, here are some of my favorite places to ride.


mountain bike trails


Tom Driggers, Cat Gardella and Kevin Joell of Reno roll through switchbacks overlooking Reno from Peavine Mountain. (Photo: Benjamin Spillman/RGJ)

If you’re on a bike in the Reno area Peavine is the perfect place to start. That’s the big mountain all by itself on the northwest side of town.

It’s got a huge network of trails and in recent years the Biggest Little Trail Stewardship, formerly Poedunks, and others have spent tons of time adding and improving single-track.

The result is trails that are fast, flowy and boast awesome views of downtown Reno and the Sierra Nevada.

Click here for Peavine trail info.

The Marlette Flume at Lake Tahoe

best mountain bike trail in Nevada

Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe as seen from the Marlette Flume Trail in Washoe, Carson and Douglas counties, Nevada. (Photo: Benjamin Spillman/RGJ)

This is the best mountain bike trail in Nevada. Yup, I said it and I’ll stand by it. Some trails are longer, some are faster. But none have a view like the Marlette Flume.

There are a few different ways to ride this trail. I like heading up North Canyon Road from the parking area to the Spooner Backcountry in Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park. That gets you up to Marlette Lake and onto the Flume, where you get incredible, panoramic Tahoe views.

Then it is a fast ride down Tunnel Creek Road where, if you’re smart, you’ll stop for a beer and a snack at Tunnel Creek Cafe.

Click here for Marlette Flume trail info.

Ash and Kings Canyon Loop in Carson City

Jeff Moser, 45, of Carson City, rides his mountain

Jeff Moser, 45, of Carson City, rides his mountain bike on a trail that goes through Ash and Kings canyons. Moser is among mountain bikers who say the federal government should be more flexible when it comes to allowing mountain bikes in federally designated wilderness areas. (Photo: Benjamin Spillman/RGJ)

If you’re at all familiar with Epic Rides you know they’re people who know a thing about fun mountain bike trails. And if you know anything about mountain biking in Carson City you won’t be surprised it’s the home of one of Epic Ride’s newest productions.

That’s due in great part to the ridiculous amount of work volunteers and boosters in Nevada’s state capital have put into their trails.

One of my favorites is the Ash and Kings Canyon Loop. It’s got an uphill that will put you to the test followed by a whole bunch of single track that’s overlooking Carson City and the Eagle Valley.

When you’re done be sure to swing by Shoe Tree Brewing. It’s worth a visit.

Click here for Ash and Kings Canyon info.

Mills Peak to Graeagle

Cold beer at The Brewing Lair of the Lost Sierra in

Cold beer at The Brewing Lair of the Lost Sierra in Blairsden, Calif. The brew pub is popular with mountain bikers riding Mills Peak trail. The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship is a non-profit organization that builds and maintains mountain biking trails. (Photo: Benjamin Spillman/RGJ)

The Mills Peak trail in the Lost Sierra near Graeagle is another gem that’s seen a lot of loving care in recent seasons. You can ride this as an up-and-back or get someone to shuttle you up to Mills Peak. The peak has a fantastic view and there’s a historic fire watch tower you can climb.

Then you jump on the single-track for a fun, fast rip down to Graeagle. And after you’ve done all that hard work, pedal on up to The Brewing Lair in Blairsden for a cold craft beer in a beautiful forest setting.

Click here for more info on Mills Peak.

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Going mountain biking? Here are some things you should take

Going mountain biking? Here are some things you should take

Going mountain biking? Here are some things you should take

By Kory Pitcher, KSL Contributor | Posted – Sep 14th, 2018 @ 12:17pm


The days are getting shorter, but it’s not time to put the mountain bike away just yet. Some of the best riding of the year in Utah is found in the autumn days ahead. The beautiful fall colors, cooler temperatures and often ideal-trail conditions mean that there are many miles of fun to still be had before winter.

As the sunlight fades and the weather cools, what should you consider carrying with you on your ride? The last thing you want to deal with is fast-fading light and a trailside repair without the tools you need to get you back to the trailhead.The most popular ways to carry accessories and the necessary tools on your bike ride tend to be a seat bag, the increasingly popular frame bags, hydration packs or fanny packs (yes, they’re a thing again). You can determine what type of pack you want to use based on what’s suitable for the length of ride you are undertaking. Shorter rides can mean getting away with taking less and the all-day epic requires better preparedness.Here are some of the items you should carry for your after-work spins or weekend exploring that includes the all-day epic ride.

The basics for a short ride


The basics for a ride of around an hour (not including the proper clothing and food/water, which you should always have) should include:


  • A flat repair items-spare tube and patch kit
  • One to two tire levers
  • A tubeless-tire plug
  • Tire boot
  • Mini pump (be sure you have the proper valve-presta or schraeder) or carbon dioxide inflator (but keep in mind that it doesn’t work well in extreme cold)
  • A mini multi-tool like the Topeak Hexus X
  • Zip ties
  • A quick-chain link (in case your bike chain breaks)
  • A small first-aid kit


If you are going on a weekend ride where you’ll be exploring for a few hours or all day long, bikers should include the basics listed above, plus the following:


  • A second inner tube
  • A more comprehensive mini multi-tool (the Topeak Alien II is a favorite)
  • Shock pump
  • A mini pump to back up a carbon dioxide inflator
  • Extra tubeless valve
  • A small headlamp
  • An extra derailleur cable cut to the correct length (here’s a tutorial on how to replace it)
  • A spare derailleur hanger
  • An M4 and M5 bolt
  • Emergency energy food


Of course, none of this will help much without the knowledge of how to fix your bike. Spend some time in your local bike shop and ask them for help. Park Tool also has a fantastic series on bike maintenance on YouTube.

This list might sound intimidating, but it’s not as cumbersome as one might think and can easily be managed.

So hit the trails this fall, prepared to ride and make some new cycling memories to carry you through winter.


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