Parts and commerce: Cyclists buy, sell recycled gear at Slope bike bazaar



They wheeled and dealed!

Amateur and professional cyclists alike rolled into Park Slope on Saturday for a twice-a-year bicycle market where vendors peddled bikes and parts to pedalers hunting for bargains.

The New York Bike Jumble, which returned to Fifth Street’s Washington Park this fall following its one-day May residency in the green space, also gave city riders a way to get easy cash for usable equipment they no longer needed, according to one first-timer who strolled the grounds as a human sandwich board to advertise his second-hand saddles for sale.

“I’m just walking back and forth because I don’t want to yell — I’m not that kind of guy,” said Willie Jones, who traveled from the outer borough of the Bronx to the flea market, which he walked with a sign around his neck. “People loved the sign.”

Jones, who also came to shop, said his entrepreneurial endeavor went “very well,” netting him enough extra green to scoop up a new seat post, pair of cycling shoes, and t-shirt.

Another attendee who is working to build her own bicycle after two of hers were recently stolen praised the selection of budget-friendly spare parts, from which she pulled a bike frame perfect for her petite figure — a rare find, she said.

“I have a small frame, a lot of bikes don’t fit me,” said Kendra Brody, a cyclist of 10 years who lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Brody’s day at the bike fair was such a success that she’s already planning a return trip when the market comes back to the meadow next spring.

“It’s nice to be able to find more affordable stuff,” she said.

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