Danish e-bike company’s electric car is so minimal it’s barely a car

This is what an e-bike company's EV looks like.
Image: biomega

Biomega is known for its electric bicycles, but this week the Danish company revealed a new product: SIN, a minimalist electric concept car. 

The car is the ultimate city-mobile with a minimal aesthetic (and we mean minimal). It features four stripped back seats and lightweight materials throughout. It barely has doors — where a traditional door would be is glass. The roof is a continuation of the front windshield. The inside of the car is pretty much bare with a flat floor. 

Here’s a look at the vehicle.

With a lighter car, the battery range is supposed to improve since less power is consumed to move it. The concept car’s battery weighs 440 pounds. For comparison, a Tesla Model 3 battery weighs more than 1,000 pounds.

It’s an open-wheel car, meaning the wheels sit outside the main body of the car and not under it. Its top speed is 80 miles per hour, so this isn’t a speed machine. It’s intended for congested, busy, urban areas — not long commutes or cross-country trips. Its expected range is about 100 miles.

The driver seat includes a steering wheel that looks like bicycle handlebars. An iPad-like screen situated just right of the wheel controls the vehicle — very reminiscent of the Tesla Model 3 interior design. 

The potential future EV for city living.

Image: biomega

Biomega says the minimalist vehicle will sell for $20,000 Euros or just about $23,000 — significantly less than any Tesla.

Usually, auto companies take their tech and apply it to the e-bike format, like GM, Ford, and Yamaha, but Biomega is bucking this trend. It’s definitely not an e-bicycle, but it doesn’t look like your traditional car, either. 

Honestly, it looks something like this Screecher Pedalcycle — a four-wheel solar-electric bike/EV contraption, which is even more bare-bones than the SIN.

Looks like an even more minimal SIN car.

Image: screecher

The SIN car is expected to be available between 2021 and 2023.

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