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Danish e-bike company’s electric car is so minimal it’s barely a car

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This is what an e-bike company's EV looks like.Image: biomega Biomega is known for its electric bicycles, but this week the Danish company revealed a new product: SIN, a minimalist electric concept car.  The car is the ultimate city-mobile with a minimal aesthetic (and we mean minimal). It features four stripped back seats and lightweight […]

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E-bike inner tube hack Crazy Biker Adventure

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E-bike evangelist Brian Sarmiento takes a yoga break before leaving California. Image: chris taylor I had pedaled the first 20 miles up Big Oak Flat Road in Yosemite National Park, cursing its misleading name — far away from flat, the route gains 7,000 feet in altitude — when my electric bicycle’s battery finally succumbed. That’s […]

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